Our Beliefs


1) We are a Bible Believing/Teaching Church:

We believe that the Bible is God’s self-revelation and His communication to us. Our goal is to support all we believe and practice from God’s Word alone and not from man-made tradition, popular trends, or cultural influences. We focus heavily on the clear teaching and practicing of God’s Holy Word, which is central and prominent in our services and in our ministry as a whole.

2) We are a Focused Church:

Our purpose and mission at Lighthouse Baptist Church is to work together to serve God, each other, and the world around us in obedience to God’s Word. We are not a spectator church, but ask that each part of our church family get involved and help serve God shoulder-to-shoulder. We believe that blessings are found in serving God and others.


“Doing the Will of God”


“Cultivating a lifestyle of worship, obedience, and service through Jesus Christ.”

MINISTRY STATEMENTS: (The Values and Goals set out to help fulfill our Mission)

  1. “Sola Scriptura” (in all things – by scripture alone, both in faith and in practice)
  2. “Redeemed from the World, Separated to Christ” (bringing our family into a vibrant relationship with Christ)
  3. “Evangelizing the Lost” (spreading the message of God’s salvation by grace alone through Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross)
  4. “Discipling All Believers” (Training believers to always be pursuing the ‘next step’ in their walks with Christ)
  5. “Baptizing by Immersion” (Teaching all new believers about the command to be baptized as an outward public testimony of their inner salvation)
  6. “Observing the Lord’s Supper” (Fulfilling the command to always be in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us to pay for our sins)
  7. “Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit” (allowing God’s Spirit to bring forth spiritual “fruit” in our lives by learning to yield to Him more and more)
  8. “Conservative, Christ-Honouring Worship Styles” (worshipping God in a way that is set apart from the world’s culture, in lifestyle, music, and other forms of worship) (boldened titles included in my Church Ministries page–will attach again–do you want more different here?)

3) We are a Conservative, Servant-Leadership-styled Church:
It is our aim to stand firmly on a conservative fundamental position theologically while practicing a philosophy of ministry that is focused first on touching people’s lives through the heart. We aim – by God’s good grace – to practice a humble, servant-minded style of leadership where the pastors are not regarded as being on a higher plane of existence, but are just part of the flock, yet called of God to stand and lead the flock in Christ-like character. We hope that this mindset of humility and working together for the goal will pervade every area of our church and that every visitor will be struck with our passion and reverence for the authority of God’s Word along with our warm example of putting that word into consistent practice by ministering as Christ would minister. (In editing this I tried to avoid telling them what we are not, but focus on telling them what we are.)

4) We are an Independent Church:
We do not belong to a denomination, conference, or convention. We are an independent church that looks to the Bible as our only authority for all that we believe and all that we practice. As an independent church, we are free to establish our ministry according to the instructions in the Bible without fear of interference from any authority outside of our church family. But, being independent does not mean that we are isolated. Our pastors are members of the Western Canada Baptist Fellowship, a group of godly, conservative men who wish to strengthen one another in fellowship and accountability. The freedom that independence affords us is a great blessing, but we also have a healthy realization of our own potential for wandering away from core Christian values. Thus, we see a great benefit to fellowshipping with other ministries and pastors of like faith and practice for mutual encouragement and accountability.

5) We are a Baptist Church:
What does it mean to be a Baptist Church? We are loyal to the scriptures and to Christ. When we claim the title Baptist, it is almost entirely because we believe and practice the following list of traditional, historical Baptist beliefs.

  1. B – Bible as our sole authority for faith and practice- We are not loyal to church tradition, human reason, or interpretation. We determine our beliefs from a literal interpretation of the text of scripture.
  2. A – Autonomy (independence) – Each local church has independent freedom to determine its faith and practice based on God’s Word without fearing interference from a denomination or conference authority.
  3. P – Priesthood of the believer- Every Christian has personal access to a relationship with God, without needing to go through a priest.
  4. T – Two church offices- The Bible outlines two offices for church government: the Pastor (or elder or minister, or bishop) and the Deacon (I Tim. 3).
  5. I – Individual soul liberty- Each individual may determine how to best live out the Bible for themselves. Where the Bible’s teachings are narrowly applied, each individual’s application should look virtually the same (ex. “Thou shalt not kill”). Where scripture gives a broad principle to follow, people may apply it with some variety and still be right before God (ex. clothing styles).
  6. S – Saved church membership- Scripturally, only consenting believers ought to be baptized and accepted into church membership.
  7. T – Two church ordinances- Jesus Christ established the Lord’s Supper and Baptism as the church’s two ordinances with the purpose of helping us demonstrate and remember His sacrificial death for our sins. These two ordinances cannot earn us God’s grace. All other sacraments are not required by scripture. The Word of God and its clear presentation to the church are vital at Lighthouse Baptist Church. We believe the following doctrines and actively teach them in our church services.

Service Times

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